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BedienungsanleitungZenit 122
ZENIT-122 User manual, 1992 year
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Zenit 122

This text is identical to the one in the Instruction Manual, English version, 1992 year.

1. Purpose and advantages

ZENIT-122 is a 35-mm single lens reflex camera intended for taking various amateur pictures on
black-and-white and color films. It can be used for special kinds of photography as well, such as
copying, taking close-up pictures of small-size objects at short distances (ultra-close-up photography),
taking pictures with the help of a microscope (photomicrography), etc.
The camera accepts interchangeable lenses with M42x1 screw fittings and mechanical back focal
distance of 45,5 mm.
The following features are remarkable with the camera:
semi-automatic exposure meter operating through the lens (TTL system) provides for correct
exposure setting when taking pictures with the standard lens as well as with interchangeable
lenses, light filters, supplementary lenses, extension tubes;
light-emitting diodes in the viewfinder, indicating correct exposure setting, can be clearly seen
both with the diaphragm fully open and stopped down;
instant return mirror ensures continuous viewing of a subject before ;and after exposure;
high speed lens is provided with a pre-set diaphragm mechanism which automatically closes
the diaphragm down for the moment of shutter operation;
fully open diaphragm ensures maximum brightness of the image in the view-finder which is
very important for viewing and focusing;
composite focusing device provides excellent image sharpness in various conditions of
speedy exposure setting, simplified film loading procedure and frame counter automatically re-
setting to “0” upon pressing the film rewind button reduce the time required for preparing the
camera for picture taking;
built-in self-timer enables you to take picture of yourselves among your friends or to make a
secret lock of the back door interlocked with the film rewind knob provides for reliable locking
of the back door and convenient unloading of the camera;
flash unit connector socket and hot-shoe enable to use flash units both with cable and cableless
shutter disengaging bush of stay-put type simplifies the film rewind procedure;
film-checking pocket on the camera body contains characteristics information of the film the
camera is loaded with.
Before using the camera, make thorough study of the present Description. In so doing bear in mind
that the present Description can not be regarded as a handbook on photography.
Due to ever-advancing development in camera construction, minor differences may occur between
the text and your camera.

2. Handling Rules

The camera is a precise optical-mechanical instrument. It should be handled carefully, kept clean and
protected from jolts, dust, moisture, and sharp temperature fluctuations.


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