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BedienungsanleitungZenit E
This text is identical to the one in the
Instruction Manual, English version,
1971 year, and converted to HTML in
Данный текст идентичен
оригинальному Руководству версии
1971 года, и специально подготовлен
для формата HTML в 2001 году.



The present Instruction Manual contains the basic characteristics and essential
operating principles of the ZENIT-E camera and cannot be regarded as a handbook on
Before using, the camera, make thorough study of the handling rules and operation
procedure of the camera.
Due to ever-advancing development of the camera construction, there may occur
minor differences between the text of Manual and the construction of your camera.
To make the operating of the photocell reliable and to increase its service, do not
subject the photocell to the exposure of the direct sunlight.
Screw out or screw in INDUSTAR-50-2 lens only by thread rolling of depth of field
scale ring, and HELIOS-44-2 lens -- by thread rolling of focusing ring.
Do not touch the mirror surface with fingers, because this may damage its coating.
Do not rotate the shutter release button for no reason, while releasing the shutter, to
avoid disengagement of the shutter cocking mechanism.
Do not rotate the exposure time dial within the interval between "B" and "500".
Always wind the shutter as far as it goes to avoid blank exposures.



ZENIT-E is a single-lens reflex camera, fitted with a built-in and uncoupled exposure
meter and with a reflex mirror of instant return type.
The instant return mirror permits continuous viewing of the object to be
photographed, except for the moment of exposure. The built-in exposure meter is
especially important for shooting on a colour film.
Thanks to its specifications, the ZENIT-E camera can be used for most various
amateur shooting and a number of special shootings.
The ZENIT-E camera can be used with commercially available interchangeable lenses
with focal length from 37 to 1000 mm.
The design of the reflex viewfinder (groundglass focusing) allows to apply extension


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